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Do you want to acquire advanced skills and knowledge in phlebotomy? This comprehensive Advanced Phlebotomy Course will assist you in developing advanced theoretical and practical phlebotomy skills to draw blood efficiently and safely.
Enrol today and get started on your journey to improve your career prospects in the phlebotomy field with the latest skills and the power of self-belief!

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Benefits you will gain

Location & Class Schedule

Venue Location: London

Time: 10:00 am – 05:00 pm

You can select your preferred date from any of the following months:
It can be tough to put your best foot forward in the job market with only online Phlebotomy training. Hence, our practical sessions will provide you with the required experience that your employers might want to see when you apply for the job.
This advanced phlebotomy competency training is designed to give you an opportunity to practice, build confidence and gain valuable experience. Which will help your professional career when you will apply for the job.

Advanced Phlebotomy Training Course with Experience Opportunity

This Advanced Phlebotomy Course will assist you in gaining advanced practical skills for using venipuncture equipment, appropriately inserting a needle, carefully disposing of spent needles to avoid cross-contamination, recording results, and examining blood samples. You will also gain knowledge about the post and aftercare procedures to conduct venepuncture more effectively.
At the beginning of the session, you will be obliged to observe the experienced instructors and licensed phlebotomists in action. You will learn how to smoothly draw blood, reduce hazards, and manage the patient’s reaction through a practical demonstration on a mannequin. The next step is to demonstrate the knowledge you have learned during the course by performing venepuncture on your teammates.
Our online learning platform is accessible from anywhere and is fully compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
After successfully completing this Advanced Phlebotomy Course, you will be equipped with all the essential abilities and skills to succeed in the healthcare sector!

Learning Objectives and Outcomes of This Course

Towards the end of this Advanced Phlebotomy Course, you will be able to:

Compatible Assessment Process

You will be required to perform a live blood draw and collection as part of the evaluation for this Advanced Phlebotomy Course, which will be carefully observed and noted by the qualified phlebotomist in charge of monitoring you.
Upon successful demonstration of blood sampling, you will be awarded a certificate of competency that is accepted by thousands of professional bodies and government regulators here in the UK and around the world.

Why Choose This Course?

Why Learn with Us?

Who is this course for?

This extensive Advanced Phlebotomy Course is ideal for the following individuals:


In order to attend the advanced phlebotomy course you need to complete our basic phlebotomy training course. However, it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.

Valuable Accreditation

This Advanced Phlebotomy Course is independently accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This qualification will enhance your resume and prepare you to succeed in the healthcare industry.

About CPD

The term “continuing professional development,” or CPD, is used to refer to the learning activities that professionals take part in to advance and improve their skills. CPD is a comprehensive strategy for improving one’s own abilities and competence over the course of a professional career. Earning a certificate of achievement from CPD UK will help you advance your career, and you can display it to potential employers and members of your professional network.

Recognised Qualification

After successfully passing the assessments and undergoing the practical training, you will achieve CPD-accredited Advanced Phlebotomy Qualification which is valued by all employers in the UK and globally. A 4-week experience letter will also be given to you in order to demonstrate your capacity to work as a phlebotomist.

Approved Partner

Career Opportunities

This Advanced Phlebotomy Course will bring you new opportunities and new possibilities in an ever-changing job market. You will be able to advance to higher study and choose from a variety of alternative careers within the discipline.
To achieve all this and add extra value to your CV, this course could be a critical part of your future.


Maxine Clinton
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Have studied a few courses with them now and very impressed with the material content
Read More
Step by step information, easy to understand. Tips were great.
Linda Kuyoro
Read More
Courses were presented in a clear and well spoken manner . Enjoyed it.
Dan Bennett
Read More
Best course on the market purchased 7 courses in less than a month to help my life coach career
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This is a very good match for me. Lessons are very detailed and dedicated.



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