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About Us​

We stand by the quality of our courses and are so confident in their excellence that we GUARANTEE every one of them maintains a high standard.

We Are Experts Learning Provider

At Knowledge Door, we provide a wide range of personal skills development courses to industry standards, developed and supported by teaching and professional experts.

We’re partnered with some of the renowned organisation in the world, so wherever our students go and whatever they want to do, the certificates we provide are valuable by the industry.

Our professional skills development courses address skills gaps and teach skills and knowledge that bring real value to businesses. But, we aren’t just focused on direct career advancement. We know that learning, no matter what it is, creates a foundation for personal development, so we offer a wide-ranging choice of subjects.

Our course content is engaging and inventive so that our learners enjoy the experience and relish the opportunity to do more. To help with this, we ensure our students have a clear pathway in vision, so they can see which way to go when they have attained their new skills.

Who We Are

We are education and training specialists, with strong links to industry professionals and experts. Together, we bring our experience and knowledge to our students through interactive, informative and, above all, interesting courses.

We’re passionate about teaching and learning, dedicated to helping students begin new careers or improve their prospects in their chosen fields. We understand what it means to aim high and we’re prepared to do what it takes to help our students meet their professional goals and personal objectives.

There’s a world of opportunity out there for those with the right training and skills, and we’re driven by our commitment to see more of our students succeed

What We Do

We support our learners to achieve their personal and career goals by delivering CPD certified e-learning courses for professional skills development.

Our tutors, expert instructors and award-winning customer support team work together to ensure a smooth learning experience for students, from start to completion of their chosen courses. Once the new skills have been attained, the certificate of achievement provides proof of the learner’s newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Our support is focused on ensuring learners fulfill their potential, whether they are aiming for career goals or personal development, and that they are able to use their new skills to further themselves in the future. At Knowledge Door, we stand beside you, encourage you, and give you everything you need to succeed.

Why Learn with Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To support students’ personal and professional aspirations, with personalized learning experiences and globally standard skills.

To inspire and educate learners through the delivery of engaging and innovative course content and an exceptionally wide range of course subjects. To be recognised as the number one preferred online learning provider with the most trusted professional training available.

Our Vision

To create a fun and fulfilling, stress-free, low-pressure learning experience for all our students.

To provide accessible and user-friendly education suitable for everyone, whatever their starting point. To enable opportunities for all our students, through quality training and full support for their learning.
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