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Terms & Conditions

Please note that the eLearning courses we offer are delivered by Knowledge Door. In the following information, “us”, “our” and “we” refer solely to Knowledge Door. Any reference to “your” or “you” is in reference to customers.

1. Basic Terms and Conditions

This section outlines the terms and conditions which apply when you purchase an online eLearning package from Knowledge Door. All courses purchased from Knowledge Door are covered by them with no exceptions.

1.1 Full responsibility for your online Knowledge Door account sits with you. Knowledge Door cannot be held responsible in any way should your account be breached without consent due to sharing of login or password information by you. Knowledge Door will not be responsible for any activity carried out on your account which is considered as inappropriate. You should get in touch with us instantly should your password or login details be lost or forgotten.

1.2 Any details given to us by you must be accurate and correct, as far as you know. Details this covers are name, address, details of your bank account and additional relevant contact details.

1.3 We have the legal right to cancel or suspend your access to the Knowledge Door platform if our terms and conditions are broken anytime after you sign-up. Rest assured, we will only cancel or lock your account if we have solid grounds to do so. You would not be billed for any purchases which are terminated for additional reasons.

1.4 Knowledge Door has the right to amend or cancel any details within any of our online courses or on our website without warning you beforehand and at any time of our choosing.

2. Payment Details

2.1 Failure to make expected payments or payment details which expire will cause us to lock your account and stop you logging onto our platform, until the problem has been sorted out by yourself.

2.2 We have the right to amend course pricing anytime we like. Any amendments to course pricing will not impact on courses which have been purchased before any such changes.

3. Delivery and Ordering of Courses

3.1 Purchases from Knowledge Door are classed as an agreement you make to study the course in line with our conditions and terms.

3.2 Acceptance of any course with Knowledge Door is classed as being made when you buy it. The only exceptions to this are if the course you buy contains an obvious error or defect in the materials included. Please note that your statutory rights are in no way affected by our terms.

4. General Certification Terms

4.1 You bear the sole liability for arranging the delivery and purchase of a suitable certificate when any course you purchase is finished. We give notice that, while you are eligible for the relevant certificate upon completing a course, you do not get one automatically from us.

4.2 Any materials for courses you purchase via Knowledge Door are delivered by the relevant industry figure/course tutor. The sole responsibility for the quality of course materials lies with the tutor themselves, not us.

5. Property Right Information – Intellectual

5.1 The intellectual property rights of materials for your course fall under the ownership of the course instructor or relevant deliverer of training for said course.

5.2 When buying a Knowledge Door eLearning product, you promise to not copy, amend or distribute course information whose intellectual property rights sit with the instructor and/or provider of training.

5.3 Upon being given permission to use the Knowledge Door platform and courses, you confirm that you will keep password and login details confidential. You also promise to not distribute platform or course access to anyone else other than yourself. If you fail to do this and/or fail to comply with our terms at all times, your account may be locked or cancelled.

6. Content Classed as Being from a 3rd Party

6.1 Sometimes we may give out 3rd party materials or links which are deemed suitable for the course you are on. You acknowledge that we are in no way liable for what any 3rd party links, websites or materials contain. Any misfortune which happens when you use them is in no way our responsibility.

6.2 Knowledge Door is in no way liable for 3rd party content. You hold the responsibility for verifying the accuracy of any such content – Knowledge Door does not in any way provide endorsement for 3rd party content which our courses may contain.

6.3 Please note that the policies and terms of 3rd party websites could be different from our own. You have sole liability for perusing and accepting any terms or policies which a 3rd party website may contain.

7. Account Cancellation

7.1 Knowledge Door has the legal right to cancel your account and any purchases you have made at any point we feel it is valid. This also covers the agreements which we have outlined in our terms. Any user found to have broken our terms in any way could see their account cancelled.

7.2 In addition, it is also valid for you to cancel your Knowledge Door account, agreements under our terms and purchases anytime you like, in accordance with the Cancellation clause our terms finish with.

8. Knowledge Door Liability

8.1 Please note that all direct financial loss which is found to have been due to our carelessness or any additional reason will be capped at the cost of your course/package. Liability for personal injury or death, misrepresentation classed as fraud, Consumer Protection Act breaches or any other area we could not legally prohibit is not precluded under these terms.

8.2 Knowledge Door does not bear liability for any damages or losses classed as indirect (this includes but is not limited to loss of any profits, revenue loss, data loss or lost opportunities) which you are found to have incurred by accessing the Knowledge Door platform. This is legally binding whether the cause of any indirect loss breaches our terms.

8.3 We have the right to amend, change or upgrade the content of our courses whenever we like. We will do all we can to make sure any information we provide is correct when it is first published. Knowledge Door does not hold any liability for any crucial details altering after or at the time of your studies. We will not be accountable for any losses as outlined previously.

8.4 Knowledge Door takes no responsibility for problems you may encounter at any time when attempting to log onto our platform if the cause is faulty equipment, connection to the internet or faulty network issues your end.

8.5 We have the legal right to change pricing, materials and course details without first letting you know whenever we deem fit.

9. Customer Data Usage

9.1 Personal data which is collated when studying with us is used in line with the 2018 Data Protection Act. Knowledge Door promise to take suitable steps to secure your personal data and only distribute it to 3rd parties with your knowledge and agreement. We reserve the right to get in touch regarding your Knowledge Door course via the contact information we hold for you.

9.2 Personal details given when you study with us could be used to stop the laundering of money, check your ID, stop fraudulent activity or for credit purposes.

10. Cancelling Purchases

10.1 Please note that the cancellation of any purchases is covered by the relevant 2013 Consumer Contracts Regulations Act. This gives you the right to the cancellation of any purchases and the ability to ask for a complete refund within 14 calendar days after the date you brought the product. Please note if you have already completed more than 25% of your course or already taken the certificate from Knowledge Door then you are not eligible to get a refund.

10.2 Please get in touch with us at our email address as soon as possible (and within the 14 calendar day period after purchase) to ask for the cancellation of any course or package you have brought on the Knowledge Door platform.



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